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Volunteers needed to help people get on their bike

Wow our bike plan was a huge success!
Back in August, we started selling refurbished bikes after we were kindly donated a large amount of cycling equipment.
All the bikes we put together sold out within a month, which is great for us and fantastic for all those people who are now riding a high-spec bike bought for great value.

More volunteers needed

But now we want to do it again and we’re appealing for more volunteers of all ages to help us turn even more parts into bikes.
Thanks to our partners Reviive and Ludlow’s Epic Cycles, we still have plenty of donated parts.
Members of the local community will be trained in how to construct or repair a bike, which is part of our charity’s commitment to helping local people gain self-esteem.
We love seeing people learn new skills in furniture restoration and so we were thrilled to be able to offer something new for people to learn how to repair and restore bikes.
We wanted those who can’t afford to buy a new bike to be able to access the sport – or get their own transport – at affordable prices. Cycling is such a positive activity as it keeps people fit and gives them access to so much more, especially if they are without a car.


If you can help repair and restore bikes for The Furniture Scheme, please get in touch.
We have been running for 22 years, recycling or repairing donated furniture and household goods before passing them onto those in need or selling them to raise much needed funds at one of their shops.
The bikes are restored at the Warehouse on Weeping Cross Lane, Ludlow.
As well as this we run the shop Renaissance on Tower Street, Ludlow, and the Charity Bookshop as well as CasCA in Craven Arms.

For more information or to volunteer for our bike restoration project, visit the website www.furniturescheme.co.uk, call 01584 874922 or email james@furniturescheme.co.uk.

January 9, 2018

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