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Volunteer and now new Admin Assistant at Rockspring!!

I began volunteering with the Furniture Scheme two years ago when my son went off to University and I felt that I needed something to fill some time and give me a bit of a boost! I started out in the Carpentry Workshop where I soon learned new skills and felt like part of the team, enjoying the banter and meeting new people whilst also building my confidence.

Then Chris suggested I volunteer in the Admin department at the Renaissance centre, which I also enjoyed, seeing the organisation from another point of view, realising how vital different funding was, and meeting all the team there. Since I had not worked in an office since before having my children I was very nervous, but everyone was so helpful, and so appreciative of any attempt to lighten their workload, so I was able to gain valuable up to date office experience, and build up my confidence enough to do some casual work for Sure Start, some of which was at their Children’s Centre in Rockspring Community Centre, so you can imagine then that I was very excited when a part time post came up as Receptionist / Administration Assistant at Rockspring. Having volunteered for the Furniture Scheme, I knew I fully supported It’s aims, and think they are summed up so well in It’s statement ‘Value in everything especially people’ – isn’t that great?

I did not really think I would get the job but felt I had to have a try, and was over the moon when I was offered it! So now I am meeting (and hopefully helping!) staff and visitors at Rockspring. (Also I am still volunteering down at Friar’s Walk!)

So I can thoroughly recommend volunteering at the Furniture Scheme, it will boost your confidence and maybe even open new windows for you! Just have a chat with Chris Christie, she really is very easy to talk to!

August 21, 2013

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