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Volunteering in the Carpentry Workshop

I’m a retired IT worker, largely in the motor industry but latterly in the NHS. So what brings me to working on the shop floor and continuing to do so whilst not being paid for my effort? I could go on about selfless devotion to improve the lot of some people’s lives through the products that the carpentry shop provides at an affordable price. This might be partly true – but I’m not altruistic; who is? No, the truth lies somewhere else and I think this is to do with the product; maybe those rare opportunities to do some real woodwork; turning a piece of wood on a lathe, or just chopping and jointing and gluing bits together – hopefully to make something functional but at the same time aesthetically pleasing. But it’s not only that and I know it’s a cliché, but it is the people you work with that make the job worthwhile.

Luckily in the carpentry shop we have good people – employees and volunteers who make the difference. The expertise of Bob who imparts his pearls without being patronising and Graham, who regardless of the skill of the individual, and Stef who quietly and ever so politely offers help and guidance to all. Then there is the repartee, – that good humoured banter by some formidable intellects from a diversity of backgrounds and just the right side of good taste.

So I go home thinking I have had a good time and have made a contribution which I feel good about! A win-win situation.

Volunteer in the Carpentry workshop


October 10, 2012

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