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The Wrekin Housing Group wins national award for leadership

The Wrekin Housing Group has won the ‘Board of the Year’ category at this year’s 24housing national awards.

The Group’s Board was chosen as the winner at the awards ceremony last night (7th November). The Group is made up of The Wrekin Housing Trust, Choices Housing Association, Reviive furniture stores, Shropshire Housing Alliance and The Furniture Scheme, working together to provide homes and services across Shropshire and Staffordshire.

The Board has developed the Group into a thriving network of individual companies which retain their individual identities while working together to provide more quality homes and services for their customers.

The Board was chosen as the winner for its brave decisions and clear direction, which have placed the Group as a leading housing organisation in the UK. The judges were impressed with what they saw including the Group’s asset renewal strategy, rapid repairs service, growth and development programme and value for money services.

Also taken into consideration was the community benefit offered by the partners in the Group working together. These include 1700 homes planned in the next five years, 1500 households receiving housing advice every year, provision of low cost furniture to 3000 households with a saving of over £200,000 and the creation of 55 new jobs per year as well as apprenticeships, work placements and volunteering opportunities.

Board members and employees were thrilled to win the award for Group Board of the Year.

James Wood, Group Board member, said: “The judges rewarded our partnership approach to developing the Group and commended us for resisting the trend for mergers and acquisitions. I’m thrilled to be a Board member of such a visionary organisation with such great employees and really pleased that the Group has been recognised with this award.”

For more information on The Wrekin Housing Group visit www.wrekinhousingtrust.org.uk


November 8, 2013

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