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Thank you for helping us move

Hi Simon,
We just wanted to say that we are so extremely grateful for your assistance with our move from Craven Arms on Monday 22nd May 2017.
Nothing was too much trouble and both yours and Kevin’s support and kindness was really refreshing to have.
As I have Acute Anxiety and Panic Disorder and Rheumatoid Arthritis it was very much needed.
Also my teenage daughter has Anxiety Issues as well. This was extremely stressful for her too, but when you both worked so smoothly between you and organised our move she was a lot calmer.
We are still sorting things out and as you helpfully placed the boxes and bags and beds and wardrobe in our rooms, which made things a lot easier to sort. In fact our beds were so old and my wardrobe was broken so you took them to the tip and gave us fresh beds and mattresses and a wardrobe, but not forgetting a small sofa and comfy arm chair which my girl loves as it is in her room since she has claimed it now.
Therefore we could start off afresh and be rested and able to cope with the weeks ahead of sorting stuff. The pets have settled in too and have scoped the back garden and surroundings too.
We could not have been able to do this without the Furniture Scheme, so a massive thanks for helping us with everything. And we still have various items to get from your scheme so that’s good too. As I am on benefits I will be able to pay a cheaper cost so that is good too and much more affordable for us.
I have had to move in the past many times, and for once I did not have to lift and carry at all, as it was all taken care of thanks to you and Kevin.
So I think it was one of the least stressful moves we have made and we won’t be moving for a while hopefully as I feel we could settle here, and this was made possible as we had immense support from yourself and Kevin at the Furniture Scheme so thank goodness for that!
Thank you so much to you and your team!

June 13, 2017

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