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Rockspring Thursdays Lunch

On Thursday 26th April it will be Baked Potato with cheese/beans followed by peaches & ice cream – only £2

Lunch is served at 12.15pm there is no need to book, although if you are vegetarian, it would be useful to know so that we can prepare an alternative.

We cook a hot meal every week eg Cottage Pie, Sausage & Mash, Lasagne, Chilli Con Carne, Quiche, Baked Potato with beans/cheese or Pasta Bake.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

The Creation Station – creative play for 6 – 18 months

Help your baby discover their world through journeys of exploration, discovery, and development.
Give your baby a unique learning and development experience where you can share journeys of exploration and discovery together. These fun, social, educational, nurturing and safe classes support your babies development as they discover their amazing new world.

You and your baby will be warmly welcomed to your fun and creative Baby Discover classes.

For more information and to book your class please click here: https://www.thecreationstation.co.uk/activities/baby-discover-6-15-months-tuesday0930-leominster/2018-03-06

The Creation Station – Little Explorers aged 18 months +

Give your child creative adventures to spark their natural curiosity and develop their own journey of exploration and discovery. Every week you can inspire your child’s imagination and nurture their creativity and potential with fun, hands-on art and crafts creative Little Explorer classes.

Our exclusive, educational and safe activity programmes engage your child’s senses so they can join in, at a rate and pace that suits them. What’s more – your classes are social, educational and great fun for both of you!

You and your little one will be warmly welcomed to your fun and creative Little Explorer classes.

For more information and to book your place click here:  https://www.thecreationstation.co.uk/activities/little-explorers-15-months-5-years-tuesday1045-leominster/2018-03-06 

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