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Renaissance Centre winning window

We’re very pleased to have been named the winner of the window dressing competition to mark the centenary of Britain’s entry into the First World War on August 4th 1914.

But we’re even more pleased to have contributed to Ludlow’s fantastic efforts to remember those who lost their lives and fought for their country 100 years ago.

Customer Service Assistant – volunteer

In the Renaissance Centre we need help with answering telephone calls, dealing with enquiries, making sales, using the till and credit card machine, keeping displays looking attractive and using a computer. We are flexible with time as you are being generous with yours, but ideally either 9.30am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm.

We also need assistants in our Flea Market.

First Prize for Renaissance window

The Renaissance Centre window has won another first prize!
Last week the window display won first prize in the Ludlow Green Festival window dressing competition on the “bee theme” and yesterday the window was changed to depict a Ludlow theme for the Food Festival window dressing competition, which has also won first prize! Well done to Stefan Laird, Simon Magill, John Jones and every one else who helped out, special thanks to Grow Cook Share who provided the vegetables for both displays, and thank you also to Matthew Duley who kindly supplied the photo’s.

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