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Re-use & Shop Volunteer

South Shropshire Furniture Scheme is something to me that I feel very proud to be part of.

When I first joined the scheme a few months back my confidence was very low and I didn’t think that I had much going for me but SSFS changed that.

I first started volunteering in carpentry which was brilliant.  I found out that I had skills that I didn’t know I had.

Once my confidence started to grow I asked if I could do more and started to volunteer in the shop which I really enjoy working on the desk serving customers and booking deliveries.

After I’d been in the shop a few weeks a Saturday position became available and that sounded good so I went for it and a few days later I was contacted to say that I’d got the job and it was brilliant news.

I also go out on the vans during the week and I’ve got to say its brilliant to work with such a brilliant group of lads and the feeling you get when you know that the customers are pleased and knowing you have done a good job is great – like I said, being part of something that gives so much back to the community

I’d recommend volunteering with South Shropshire Furniture Scheme to everyone.

August 16, 2013

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