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Funky Furniture – into 2012

In December 2011, student work in progress on the latest “Funky” project was unveiled, and some tired old pieces of bedroom furniture were seen in a completely new light. A showcase for the power of community links, the project brings clients South Shropshire Furniture Scheme together with Ludlow College Dept of Art and Design through catalyst Ludlow 21, with technical help on furniture making provided by Skillbuilders CIC.

The brief is about up-cycling – turning waste into higher value products than the original – and has been enthusiastically taken on by the student practitioners. Designs range from the stunning art piece “Nightmare” inspired by the dark film work of Tim Burton through the African flavour of technically challenging “Intersections” to “Unwanted” which turns a very sad, cheap set of drawers into a homely 3D textile sampler – potentially a great community or small business opportunity.

Phil Sams of Ludlow 21 is enthusiastic “I love it. The department and students rise to the challenge of a professional brief in an unusual medium. Great for the client of course, and it really shows the willingness of the College to provide students with excellent learning opportunities – while having fun as well”.  Jean Jarvis MBE, CEO of the Furniture Scheme continues “Inspirational Funky ideas again. We now have confidence to seek sponsorship and support for the Funky process with a wider national audience in mind – and have plans for some great events to publicise the output, so watch out!”

The spark for working with Ludlow College came 3 years ago out of up-cycling/sustainability themes at London College of Fashion, where Phil is Visiting Professor. “I thought – let’s try these things in Ludlow too. The College grasped the chance, and when Jean came along with her Funky Furniture ideas, the whole thing took off”

October 8, 2012

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