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Warehouse Volunteer

I started in the Warehouse on a 4 week compulsory work placement via County Training.  I was very nervous at the thought of it because I’d heard some negative things about working there but I found out it was very different and I’m telling everyone that I enjoy working here.I was also nervous because I really lacked confidence particularly when meeting new people.I really enjoy working here.Everyone’s bubbly and helpful and friendly.They all made me feel wanted. 

I do everything here.I go out on the vans.I work behind the desk answering the phone and serving the customers.I do some cleaning and I sometimes help in Bric a Brac.All this has made a lot of difference to me.It’s made so much difference that I’ve chosen to stay after my four week compulsory placement.I’ve increased my confidence.I clicked with everyone right away.I’ve learnt lots of new skills.One very big step I’ve made is being able to use the phone with confidence.I used to be really scared of answering phones because I got nervous and stuttered.Now I’m happy to do it and pass on information and take messages really well.

I’ve also been on an employability course and I’m taking qualifications as part of my volunteering.I never realised it would lead to all this when I started!I hope it will lead on to being able to find work in the future. 

I would urge anyone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer to come to the Furniture Scheme.It’s great!!

May 3, 2013

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