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Ex Carpentry Workshop Volunteer (now in full time employment)

I joined the Furniture Scheme after having been taken seriously ill for 3 years. In this period I had become isolated and out of habit of many daily activities (getting up, socialising, physical fitness etc.) I always intended to return to a more normal life to that I had prior to my illness.

I saw the Furniture Scheme as a chance to do something useful and purposeful for both myself and others. I can provide a service to others which is furniture re-use. I developed skills in my specific area (furniture restoration in the workshop). I also developed confidence whilst interacting with fellow volunteers and staff.

I never intended to stay full time at the Furniture Scheme and when my health and fitness allowed I started job hunting and am now in full time employment.  I feel that the Furniture Scheme allowed me to do this more easily and also kept me occupied and involved in life when otherwise I would have been isolated and alone.

I would recommend volunteering at the furniture scheme if you can provide the time and effort to the scheme.

I would also like to say thanks to everyone who I got know at the Furniture Scheme for being there for me and also a thank you to the people behind the setting up and administration work involved in running an organisation of this size.

May 3, 2013

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