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Former volunteer and now Customer Service Assistant at the Warehouse

In August 2014 I started on a work placement at the Furniture Scheme warehouse on Weeping Cross Lane.

On the first day I was shown around the warehouse, introduced to the other staff members, and after being told how the scheme was set up to help the community and reduce the amount of landfill waste by reusing, upcycling and recycling the items that came into the warehouse, I felt that it is a very worthwhile operation.

Since day one I have enjoyed the role that I do, working and liaising with the staff, volunteers and customers, the diversity of the different tasks that I do whether it’s helping with deliveries, collections, loading customers items taking in donations both at the warehouse and out on the vans.

Everyone who works there are down to earth, fair and really helpful, so when a part time role was advertised I just had to go for it, and thankfully I got it, and have enjoyed it ever since.



March 2, 2015

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