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Former volunteer and now Customer Service Assistant at the Warehouse

When I started volunteering for the Furniture Scheme I was initially on a 6 month voluntary placement. This started after I was offered an interview at the Furniture Scheme which was arranged by the people at the Job Centre and with help from the people at  County Training.

I welcomed the opportunity after being accepted at the interview stage, I welcomed the position if only to just be involved with the charity as they do wonderful things for our community, having helped myself in the past I was looking forward to becoming part of this crucial service that is provided to our local community.

I got on well with all the staff and other volunteers here at the Furniture Scheme and when I was asked if I would be interested in a paid part time job at the Furniture Scheme, I jumped at it with great eagerness.

I am now working the part time position that was offered to me but I decided to continue volunteering at the Furniture Scheme on the days which I would not be contracted to work as I enjoy the job role, the people and as mentioned the service they provide.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone involved in giving me this brilliant opportunity, from the helpful people at the Job Centre and County Training too all the lovely people here at the furniture scheme that made this possible.


March 2, 2015

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