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Craven Arms Community Centre Volunteer

I started at CasCA in January.  I volunteer and sort coffees and teas out for meetings and I get refreshments ready for those who come in on a day to day basis so they can help themselves.  I do the dishwasher – and I’ve now decided I want one myself!

Everyone is very friendly, even people I’ve not seen before who just come in for meetings. They always say, ‘Hello’ and you just get talking really.

I did a Happiness course here and it did me good.  A lot of people have been through the same sort of things as me.  It’s good to know you’re not alone.

I get computer help from Adrian.  He’s very good at explaining things well.  He’ll go over things until I can do it and then we move on.  I know I’m really learning a lot.

I’m also going to do a Want to Work course soon.

I think I’m more outgoing since I’ve been here and I don’t let myself be taken for granted any more.  I know I’m worth more and I’m not just going to take second best.

June 3, 2014

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