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Charity opens Flea Market in Ludlow

South Shropshire Furniture Scheme has recently opened Ludlow’s only permanent Flea Market next to their Renaissance Centre shop in Tower Street.

Local vendors are renting pitches and selling a range of antiques, collectables, handmade and upcycled items.

Having opened for business on 16th October over 1,000 people visited the site in its first week.

There will be a grand opening on Tuesday 30th October at 9.30am, when customers can meet the vendors and find out more about the Flea Market.

James Cooper, General Manager said “We are very excited by this new venture and it has already proved very popular, we feel it has filled a niche in Ludlow”.

There are still a few pitches available for rent, if you are interested contact Matt or Richard on 01584 877751


October 22, 2012

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