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Rockspring volunteer

In January 2015 I started my volunteer work at Rockspring Community Centre Sandford Road.

On my first day I met the staff who work here. I was shown around the building and I was amazed on how polite everyone was. I was shown how to work on the computer in reception and answer phone calls in the correct manner. My volunteer work was set up by the job centre which I am very grateful for. On my introduction day I met Diane she went through with me what I need to do when I’m here. She was very polite and gave me a good understanding of what I will be doing. Before I started here I was a very shy and a nervous person because I had not before been doing anything like this. I have now gained more confidence in meeting new people.

Since from the day I started my volunteer work here I have really enjoyed it. I have been here for a few months now and my time here has been increased which I’m very happy and grateful for. Everyone here is amazing. They are all kind and very polite. I am keen to work when I come here I like to be busy and get on with things. All the staff here are very helpful and fair. I enjoy volunteer work at Ludlow Rockspring Community Centre very much. I think they help the community a lot. 

CasCA volunteer

I have now been a volunteer since July, and am finding it very interesting and rewarding. I volunteer for however many hours I want to, and at the same time I am keeping my brain active by learning new skills and refreshing many that have not been used for a while, whilst I search for new employment.

This has been altogether a very good experience for me and I am grateful to everyone for giving me this opportunity.

Warehouse volunteer

I worked at the Furniture Scheme Warehouse as part of my work experience placement for 13 weeks. I did a lot of different jobs at the warehouse including cleaning, serving customers and answering the phone.

I enjoyed working in the warehouse as there is a really good atmosphere and it was usually busy. My favourite part of the job was serving the customers as I enjoyed talking to them and helping them choose nice things for their homes.


Former volunteer and now Customer Service Assistant at the Warehouse

When I started volunteering for the Furniture Scheme I was initially on a 6 month voluntary placement. This started after I was offered an interview at the Furniture Scheme which was arranged by the people at the Job Centre and with help from the people at  County Training.

I welcomed the opportunity after being accepted at the interview stage, I welcomed the position if only to just be involved with the charity as they do wonderful things for our community, having helped myself in the past I was looking forward to becoming part of this crucial service that is provided to our local community.

I got on well with all the staff and other volunteers here at the Furniture Scheme and when I was asked if I would be interested in a paid part time job at the Furniture Scheme, I jumped at it with great eagerness.

I am now working the part time position that was offered to me but I decided to continue volunteering at the Furniture Scheme on the days which I would not be contracted to work as I enjoy the job role, the people and as mentioned the service they provide.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone involved in giving me this brilliant opportunity, from the helpful people at the Job Centre and County Training too all the lovely people here at the furniture scheme that made this possible.


Former volunteer and now Customer Service Assistant at the Warehouse

In August 2014 I started on a work placement at the Furniture Scheme warehouse on Weeping Cross Lane.

On the first day I was shown around the warehouse, introduced to the other staff members, and after being told how the scheme was set up to help the community and reduce the amount of landfill waste by reusing, upcycling and recycling the items that came into the warehouse, I felt that it is a very worthwhile operation.

Since day one I have enjoyed the role that I do, working and liaising with the staff, volunteers and customers, the diversity of the different tasks that I do whether it’s helping with deliveries, collections, loading customers items taking in donations both at the warehouse and out on the vans.

Everyone who works there are down to earth, fair and really helpful, so when a part time role was advertised I just had to go for it, and thankfully I got it, and have enjoyed it ever since.



Craven Arms Community Centre Volunteer

I started at CasCA in January.  I volunteer and sort coffees and teas out for meetings and I get refreshments ready for those who come in on a day to day basis so they can help themselves.  I do the dishwasher – and I’ve now decided I want one myself!

Everyone is very friendly, even people I’ve not seen before who just come in for meetings. They always say, ‘Hello’ and you just get talking really.

I did a Happiness course here and it did me good.  A lot of people have been through the same sort of things as me.  It’s good to know you’re not alone.

I get computer help from Adrian.  He’s very good at explaining things well.  He’ll go over things until I can do it and then we move on.  I know I’m really learning a lot.

I’m also going to do a Want to Work course soon.

I think I’m more outgoing since I’ve been here and I don’t let myself be taken for granted any more.  I know I’m worth more and I’m not just going to take second best.

Rockspring Community Centre Volunteer

I started volunteering at Rockspring in January.  I started in the kitchen.  I peel spuds, wash up, ice cakes, serve people their lunches and clear up.  I help Marilyn with the shopping as well.

I do enjoy it because it’s been a new experience for me.  I speak to new people.  Marilyn has taught me things like putting pans on the cooker safely and to be aware of safety.

I’ve done two qualifications – a Food Hygiene Certificate and an Open College Network Award.  I’m really pleased about this.

Warehouse Volunteer

Upon moving back to Ludlow I had applied for variety of jobs and had no luck or no reply, so I thought I’d apply for volunteer work to keep me busy/active.  I looked online and saw The Furniture Scheme website.  They were advertising volunteer positions so I applied.  I attended a brief interview and induction.  I liked what I heard and thought, ‘I’ll give this a go and see what it’s like.’

My first day was in the Yard (Weeping Cross Lane).  I was shown the ropes and introduced to the staff.  It first struck me what a great bunch of people they were – friendly, welcoming, helpful and they really appreciate the help I/you give them.  The kind of people you really want to work with.  I helped out sorting the showroom and the storage room.  I was really surprised by how much stock the Scheme had.  It just goes to show how much it is supported and respected by the public.  It really is a fantastic service and really helps the local community and people who are struggling.  A lot of customers popped in during the day too.  I went home that night feeling really good, knowing I’d done a worthwhile job helping others.

My second day, I went out helping in the van, delivering and collecting with the driver.  All customers said good things about the Scheme.  I’ve been here 4 months now and have enjoyed every day’s work I’ve done for them.  It really is a fantastic place to work.  I’d recommend it to anyone.  I went from nothing to do at home each day to doing something I really enjoy with a fantastic bunch of people.  Every day is different.   You get chances to do courses to enhance your CV, yard work, van driving, electrical testing, shop work, dealing with the public/customers,  and  recycling.

If you’re out of work or just want something to keep you busy, I highly recommend volunteering for the scheme.  It was a turning point in my life and it gives me a great sense of pride too.  The local community really benefits from it and it has massive support.

Help out if you can.  I promise – you won’t regret it!

PS Pop in and have a look.  They have a vast collection of furniture, electrical and bric a brac at fantastic prices.


Renaissance Centre Volunteer

I was visiting Ludlow one day last summer and happened upon Renaissance, and enchanted by the name I was drawn in.  Lovely old furniture and a friendly assistant.  I picked up the Newsletter and read about courses offered and volunteers needed.  Richard said to ring Chris Christie, which I did and within a week, I had not only received a call but was enrolled on a free woodwork course, and had a volunteer session sorted out.

What I do is customer service in the furniture shop and flea market on alternative weeks.  I am newly retired and this has given me a focus for my week and the opportunity to meet interesting people…..customers love to talk and so do I.

It is endlessly fascinating hearing about collectors’ interests when I am in the flea market.  The book store attracts a lot of people and it is similarly fascinating to see who has bought a book and why.  It certainly appears to be a truism that no matter how obscure the book appears to me there is someone who is delighted to have found it.

Just last week Chris Christie the volunteer co-ordinator, went through a formal check-in with me, was I happy, was I getting enough out of my volunteering, was there anything else I wanted to do.  I was touched and impressed by this.

To date I have achieved an ONC, been on a woodwork course with an excellent tutor – both in manner and knowledge, helped in the Workshop in addition to my sessions in the shop.

Graham in the workshop motivates a diverse crew with infinite patience, kindness, enthusiasm, humour, and generously gives of his extensive knowledge.  I learnt so much.

Chris Christie is in regular contact with all the volunteers and knows our individual needs and challenges and is so discreet, approachable and caring.

There is a culture of supportiveness amongst the staff, volunteers, managers that I have not encountered before.

This organisation is volunteer and community orientated.  We matter, our growth and wellbeing is the focus of Renaissance and it feels lovely to be part of it.

Community Centres Volunteer

I came to the Furniture Scheme through the job centre to work for 4 weeks in admin but I didn’t do admin, as I enjoyed working with all members of staff doing different things i.e. cooking with Marilyn in the kitchen, working in reception with Ali.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful e.g. I came in one morning and we was talking about first aid and Elaine said,’ I don’t want to be brought back when I go’ so Chris P made her a sign which we pinned to her back “don’t resuscitate”.  I never laughed so hard.  So now I volunteer at both Community Centres, Rockspring and Craven Arms. I so enjoy working I carried on after my course and got offered work at Craven Arms.


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