Rockspring Thursdays Lunch

Lunch is served at 12.15pm there is no need to book, although if you would like an alternative please let us know in advance so that we can prepare something. If any person has allergies or intolerance’s please let us know. 

PLEASE NOTE: All our dishes are prepared in an environment that is NOT free from nuts, seeds, gluten or lactose, therefore all dishes may contain traces.

We cook a hot meal every week eg Cottage Pie, Sausage & Mash, Lasagne, Chilli con Carne, Soup, Baked Potato with beans/cheese or Chicken Pie.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Blog – A day in the life of a van driver

We love to celebrate our volunteers and staff at the Furniture Scheme – this month we would like to introduce you to a new employee, Charlotte!

Charlotte Bayliss started working for The Furniture Scheme at the end of November as a van driver.

She is committed to picking up donations for our workshop or warehouse and delivering purchased items of furniture to the lucky recipient.

Charlotte, who works part time and combines her job here with training to be a teaching assistant, is in fact the first female van driver that The Furniture Scheme has had.

So, get to know Charlotte…

My background: I passed my driving test at 17 and my dad has a removal and antiques business so I have worked for him and helped out where I can. When I saw this job it was perfect for me to do alongside my training and I love the ethos of The Furniture Scheme, I like to think I am making a difference.

What my job involves: Essentially, I drive around Ludlow picking up and dropping off furniture! I get to meet a lot of different people, see all sorts of items and sometimes it’s amazing to see what has been done to something, the volunteers in the workshop can work wonders. I love being out and about and love the driving.

Regular questions I get: “Are you sure you can lift that?” is one I get a lot. I may be just 20 years old, female and quite small, but I am stronger than I look. I can give the men a run for their money sometimes too.

A typical day for me: It always depends how many bookings we have and where I am off to as to how  the day goes, but let’s just say I haven’t had a quiet day yet!

8am – Arrive at the warehouse and load the van with the deliveries that have been arranged for that day, with the help of the volunteers there. They will have all the paperwork ready and I will see where abouts I am going and look through the best route.

9.30am – Set off on the first delivery of the day.

10am – The person I deliver to may need some help to move the furniture into place so I will always help as much as I can. Then on to the next.

1pm – By the afternoon I have usually completed deliveries so I stop for a quick break before I start to do collections. With an empty van, I am then able to pick up items people want to donate to The Furniture Scheme, but they are unable to bring them to the warehouse or workshop.

2:15pm – Collect all sorts of interesting items in a variety of states of repair from homes and sometimes businesses across Ludlow. Again, I have to think of the best route but, not only that, which items I am picking up and how they need to be put in the van – I want to make sure there is room for everything, sometimes it’s a little like a game of tetris!

4pm – Drop all the collected furniture off at the warehouse, where they will decide which items will be sold there and which will be moved to the workshop to be renovated (a job for the van driver tomorrow!). I sometimes do a tip run at the end of the day or sort he warehouse out a bit before I clock off.

Something I am proud of since starting at The Furniture Scheme: I am really proud of getting the hang of driving these vans quickly.

An interesting fact about me: I am an identical twin.

The Furniture Scheme was launched over 20 years ago as a way to ensure some of the most excluded members of the community could benefit from recycled household items – but the society has grown and now offers computer courses, carpentry workshops and volunteering in the garden, among other things.

Anyone who would like more information about The Furniture Scheme should call 01584 874922, email or visit


Charities and social enterprises in the UK continue to step up to support households in need

1.55 million households in the UK were helped by reuse charities and social enterprises in 2018. This is just one of the benefits of reuse shown in the Reuse Network Social Impact Report 2018 which is published today (Friday 23 November) to coincide with Buy Nothing New day, the ethical alternative to Black Friday.

Reuse charities and social enterprises, reused 3.5 million furniture and electrical items last year supporting people access affordable household items in the UK. Accessing reused furniture and electrical goods has produced £448 million worth of savings for customers compared to buying items new.

Craig Anderson, Reuse Network CEO says: “The last 12 months have been difficult for many reuse organisations, as we received reports of charities closing their doors due to financial constraints. In spite of this, the reuse sector has stepped up to ensure that households continue to access affordable furniture and electrical items.

“Our commercial partners, including John Lewis & Partners, IKEA and Dixons Carphone are instrumental in supporting members of the Reuse Network and their beneficiaries in accessing good quality items at affordable prices thanks to donations and takeback schemes.”

In addition to diverting 3.5 million items in the last year to households in need, the reuse sector supported over 52,700 people are supported through volunteering, training and work placements and employed around 5,500 people part-time and full-time.

Craig Anderson says: “Our members go far beyond the provision of reused household items, they become a hub for their communities in providing key services and support networks”.

The environment impact of reused furniture in 2017/18 has allowed 120,270 tonnes of household items to be diverted from landfill and saved 129,250 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) report published yesterday (Thursday 22 November) proposing price caps on credit charges for
rent-to-own goods is welcomed progress in protecting those more at risk of debt and financial crisis.

The Reuse Network works to ensure that no-one is without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on, or a sofa to sit on, wherever they live in the UK.

For more information about the Reuse Network and to find your local reuse charity, please go to


For further information contact:
Claire Charras
0117 954 3578
0772 6358 243

Notes to the editors:

  • The Reuse Network (formerly the Furniture Re-use Network) supports reuse charities across the UK to help them alleviate poverty, reduce waste and tackle climate change.
  • Craig Anderson, Reuse Network CEO is available for interview.
  • For the Reuse Network it is reuse that provides an answer to the UK’s serious waste problem – turning it into a solution for the alleviation of poverty instead. By shifting behavioural attitudes of the public and corporations and using innovative schemes such as retail take-back scheme and supporting product stewardship, the Reuse Network is a game-changer in putting the circular economy into motion.
  • The Reuse Network Social Impact Report 2018 can be accessed from from Friday 23 November.
  • Images are available to use and download here and to credit the Reuse Network.
  • Buy Nothing New day is an initiative set-up by the Reuse Network, encouraging the public to swap Black Friday for Buy Nothing New day and shop at their local reuse charity.