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Charity stalwart honoured by mayor for work in Ludlow


Front left to right: James Cooper (Operations Manager), Jean Jarvis MBE (Chief Executive), Terry Round (Volunteer), Diane Hyde (Volunteer Co-ordinator), behind left to right: Graham Lambourn (Carpentry Volunteer Support Worker) and Stefan Laird (Carpentry Workshop Supervisor)

A charity stalwart from south Shropshire has been honoured by the mayor of Ludlow for the work he does in the community.Terry Round, 75, of Ludlow, has been a volunteer at The Furniture Scheme for 12 years and spends most of his time in the charity’s workshop in Friars Walk. He will have stripped, polished and painted hundreds of pieces of furniture over the years – and now he has been presented with a Civic Award to say thank you for his hard work.

But modest Terry said he just does it because he enjoys it.
“I was gobsmacked when I was given the award, I thought it was just a meeting,” he said.
“It was unexpected, I like to stick to the background and just take it as it comes. I don’t see what I do as anything special, I am here because I enjoy it and the people and I get to share lots of skills and teach people them as well.

“It gets me out of the house, I don’t want to just do jigsaws and read books. I am just another volunteer.”

Terry was handed the Civic Award at the Ludlow Mayor Making Ceremony at Ludlow Assembly Rooms on Wednesday night (May 23).
The father of three moved to Ludlow 15 years ago. He has been a decorator all his life, working in the industry from when he left school to when he retired at the age of 66.
In his career he has decorated Bromsgrove Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – and since joining The Furniture Scheme he has decorated the Renaissance store in Tower Street and the offices at Rockspring Community Centre in Sandford Road, inside and out.

Di Hyde, Volunteer Coordinator at The Furniture Scheme, said Terry was an integral part of the charity.
She said: “We are thrilled that Terry was chosen by the mayor Tim Gill as a recipient of the Civic Award.
“Terry is invaluable to our charity, his contribution is second to none. He spends most of his days in our carpentry workshop and is always willing to give his time to restore and upcycle donated furniture to an extremely high standard. He makes a huge difference not only to our charity and the work we do, but in turn to the people of Ludlow, he is an excellent mentor teaching less able volunteers new skills, creates beautiful pieces of furniture for their homes and this helps to raise much needed funds to support disadvantaged families in the town. He deserves this recognition and celebration.”

The Furniture Scheme was launched over 20 years ago as a way to ensure some of the most excluded members of the community could benefit from recycled household items – but the charity has grown and now offers computer courses, carpentry workshops and volunteering in the garden, among other things.

Anyone who would like more information about The Furniture Scheme should call 01584 874922, email info@furniturescheme.co.uk or visit http://www.furniturescheme.co.uk.


Our fabulous runner has done us proud – and there is still time to donate!

Our fabulous social inclusion manager Gill Pitt has completed the London Marathon!

We are so very proud of her and this amazing achievement. She completed the gruelling circuit around the capital – the hottest on record – in 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Gill seems to have taken the whole thing in her stride (excuse the pun!).
She wasn’t anxious in the run up to the marathon, to the point she was concerned that she wasn’t concerned!

But then again she had trained hard and was very determined to complete it, even if she had to crawl over the finish line.

However, no amount of training (along the streets of Ludlow over the harsh winter we have had) could prepare you for the heat. It reached 24 degrees on the day and there were many warnings issued to runners in advance, telling them to drink plenty of water and advising them not to run in fancy dress.

Gill had no water after mile 8 until about mile 21, but the Great British public were on hand.
Spectators were coming out with jugs, washing up bowls and using discarded empty bottles too, she even had an ice lolly and a cornetto from a spectator!

She said the heat was awful – feeling hotter than 24 in the sun.

Gill had wanted to run the distance in about 6 and a half hours, at the halfway stage she was on track but saw many people flagging and fainting around her.

Friends and family had gone down to support her and she said it was a real boost when she saw them as she tried to maintain her positive attitude.

She said to herself: “This is a privilege, there are many people who can’t do what I am doing or get to experience this because of their own life challenges and my struggle to complete the marathon, the best in the world, is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with in life.”

It’s exactly the same attitude she takes when working at The Furniture Scheme and helping people here. We are so proud of Gill for having completed the marathon – let alone in the tough conditions she faced.

She’s also raised almost £1,000 so far too – but don’t worry, there’s still time to donate. You can do this by visiting her Virgin Money Giving site to donate and then why not check out our stories page to see how money raised for The Furniture Scheme can make a real difference to people’s lives?


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