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One Day Film Making Workshop was a success!

A free one day film making workshop took place on Thursday 16th May with a picnic lunch in Ludlow Castle grounds.

Rockspring Thursday participants took part in the film workshop which was run by Shropshire Media Network and funded by Shropshire Council Adult and Community Learning. They had a very enjoyable day at Ludlow Castle where they learnt about film making and editing and even produced their own 1 minute film which can be viewed on http://vimeo.com/66335084.

We are hoping to do more of the same, so keep a look out, who knows the next Steven Spielberg could be out there!

More information on the flyer below.

Craven Arms Community Centre

On the 1st April 2013 The Furniture Scheme took over the management of Craven Arms Community Centre which will be re branded as CasCA the initials for Community arts sports Craven Arms.

SSFS recognises the considerable potential to turn Craven Arms Community Centre in to a self-financing vibrant hub at the heart of the Craven Arms Community.

As well as its general use as a community centre, there are three defined aspects to the centre which make it a wonderful asset for the community and give it the potential to be financially viable: the sports hall; the conference facility; the training/catering kitchen.  With some concentrated marketing and partnership working all of these have the potential to be developed beyond their current usage.

CasCA is now open Monday to Friday from 9am to 10pm and we hope to extend this to weekend opening soon. This is an exciting opportunity for The Furniture Scheme and we plan to build the activities and cafe of what is already a lively centre. It will be a place where even more local people feel able to drop in, especially on Walk In Wednesday. We also hope to deliver a range of training courses and support the development of social enterprise. Look out for regular progress updates on our website” Jean Jarvis, CEO, the Furniture Scheme.

Click on the link to go to the CasCA website.


The Furniture Scheme is widening access to the Community Directory.

As you are probably aware, the Community Directory has been around for 20 years and is a local guide to inform residents of any services they may need to know about in their area. Although many of these can be found via Google and the Yellow Pages, the community directory is highly valuable as it lists all services, which includes many self help groups, often run by volunteers,  that simply can’t be found through the main stream methods.

The intention of the ASK THE ROCKSPRING! project is to either inform or remind everyone of the value of the Community Directory, and also to make it more accessible. Currently, the main method of access is through the internet. The Furniture Scheme is promoting four alternative methods, through ASK THE ROCKSPRING!  These are by phone, text, email or dropping in to Rockspring Community Centre, Sandford Road, Ludlow.

With so many cuts to the public sector a valuable resource like the Community Directory really comes into its own. It is therefore our desire to make you aware of this newly refurbished service. Would you please alert people to its existence and let them know how to access it.

If you have any more questions or would like to know more about the ASK THE ROCKSPRING! project please do not hesitate to contact us.

The ASK THE ROCKSPRING! Team—Telephone: 01584 874922

Click on the link to access the Community Directory


Ex Carpentry Workshop Volunteer (now in full time employment)

I joined the Furniture Scheme after having been taken seriously ill for 3 years. In this period I had become isolated and out of habit of many daily activities (getting up, socialising, physical fitness etc.) I always intended to return to a more normal life to that I had prior to my illness.

I saw the Furniture Scheme as a chance to do something useful and purposeful for both myself and others. I can provide a service to others which is furniture re-use. I developed skills in my specific area (furniture restoration in the workshop). I also developed confidence whilst interacting with fellow volunteers and staff.

I never intended to stay full time at the Furniture Scheme and when my health and fitness allowed I started job hunting and am now in full time employment.  I feel that the Furniture Scheme allowed me to do this more easily and also kept me occupied and involved in life when otherwise I would have been isolated and alone.

I would recommend volunteering at the furniture scheme if you can provide the time and effort to the scheme.

I would also like to say thanks to everyone who I got know at the Furniture Scheme for being there for me and also a thank you to the people behind the setting up and administration work involved in running an organisation of this size.

Warehouse Volunteer

I started in the Warehouse on a 4 week compulsory work placement via County Training.  I was very nervous at the thought of it because I’d heard some negative things about working there but I found out it was very different and I’m telling everyone that I enjoy working here.I was also nervous because I really lacked confidence particularly when meeting new people.I really enjoy working here.Everyone’s bubbly and helpful and friendly.They all made me feel wanted. 

I do everything here.I go out on the vans.I work behind the desk answering the phone and serving the customers.I do some cleaning and I sometimes help in Bric a Brac.All this has made a lot of difference to me.It’s made so much difference that I’ve chosen to stay after my four week compulsory placement.I’ve increased my confidence.I clicked with everyone right away.I’ve learnt lots of new skills.One very big step I’ve made is being able to use the phone with confidence.I used to be really scared of answering phones because I got nervous and stuttered.Now I’m happy to do it and pass on information and take messages really well.

I’ve also been on an employability course and I’m taking qualifications as part of my volunteering.I never realised it would lead to all this when I started!I hope it will lead on to being able to find work in the future. 

I would urge anyone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer to come to the Furniture Scheme.It’s great!!

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